Eating for the snap and the gram

I have had a lot of experience with many people who would rather order food that looks complicated but have never eaten it in their lives,just to take a picture, try eating it but they may end up throwing the food they paid very expensively for.

Remember the days when girls couldn’t be seen eating alot? Well today, a girl can visit restaurants six times in a day just to order something and take a picture but you wouldn’t notice it because you would be busy looking at how classy the meal is. Just for the gram and the snap. But the funny ones are those that would still not eat when taken out on a date

I think that as much as we try too keep our fans going we should also consider our health, our budget and what type of food we are conversant with .At the same time,you should try new things,it is a good thing to explore but with limits and to our ability.

Lastly, try making food on your own with new recipes so that you may be able to host in an impressive way. Trust me,it feels so good when your guests take a picture of your food praising it to the world…same level with restaurant food right?
💋 💋



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