Dear Lovely Africa

I tried to write this in verse as it is usually my way to express deep emotions but there is too much content to write. I choose to write in prose today.

I love Africa, this land of ours that is painted by culture, people of color, nature and laughter even in the depths of the slums( something which I am sure many developed countries have never understood, why should one laugh in the depths of poverty?)

We were once colonized and the white man brought us civilization and new knowledge but they might have either  forgotten to teach us how they live with all these or maybe not warned us on purpose. They knew the devil riding on a deer who,came with it, they knew we would destroy each other with the slightest dose of enlightenment in order to get more… just like heroine. In order to be forever in debt or be forever dependent? This is not the white man’s fault though, because moral values and humanity is not a white man’s thing but for all human beings, as long as you have red blood running through your veins.

In the past,we were called the dark continent because they said, “No, this is not how things are done, our way is the right way” and apparently they were right because we can now live longer by dealing with the harsh natural conditions which came with the beautiful ones. And maybe because of our dark color. I think we are more in the dark today with this other form of ” cannibalism”

Why am I saying that we are in the dark today? you ask? What happens when there is sudden  and prolonged darkness in a large area  ? few people would want to steal from one another in the dark. Others may kill other people and when this happens, the rest f the people would want to protect themselves and attempt to murder anyone they feel is too close to them and is a threat to them without knowing who they are harming. Without caring. There are some who would know the way out of this darkness and would therefore stand to lead the rest to the light, only to use a wrong route on purpose in order to use the power to exploit. Some may not want to be led by another who they do not know, they would therefore rebel out of pride. Lastly the ones in the light may have heard the screams from the ones in the dark but they may be too afraid to go there and help or give a flashlight, some may have electricity but instead just drop a candle which would go off soon while others would just sent a smoke signal saying “WE ARE REALLY SORRY”.  I  am sure you can relate to what has been happening in the continent for years now.

 We need to open our eyes and understand the true meaning of brotherhood and the difference between power ( the measure of ability too control or influence by any means) and authority (the right to control and influence with accountability) Where does your country fall under, are you in the dark,light or in a dim environment? What is stopping you from reaching that light which you can see from a distance? who is stopping you from lighting that fire while you have firewood and match sticks .

Lastly, let us stop killing our own people, because in the end we will have no choice but to kill ourselves. Let us stop fighting against ourselves. Stop, breathe and look at who is the real the enemy.





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