The above is just a portion of the jewelry I have. My friends wonder why I have so much and how regularly I go for shopping. Well, I as much as I love to shop, some of my jewelry have stayed up to ten years and are still in good shape.

It does not matter what material the piece is, as long as it was worth some form of monetary value then it should be taken care of

  • Make sure they come back!

We all have that one friend who would borrow a piece for a day or too.  This, in many cases makes us run out of  jewelry. Make sure they are returned in good shape always.

If it is you who is borrowing, make sure you return it, they do not need to ask, maybe they forgot.

  • Avoid contact with cosmetics, hairspray and cologne

Contact with cosmetics may damage the piece due to certain chemical reactions, even on precious gem,it damages it since real gold, silver or diamond is organic.

TIP:  Always put on jewelry last after your make up and spraying yourself.

  • Keep track of your jewelry

Avoid leaving your pieces everywhere and always taking them off. Buy the kind of jewelry that you feel comfortable with and wear the right one for the occasion to prevent discomfort.

  • Avoid scratching or hitting them on a hard surface

For neatness(all jewelry) and also durability( when it comes to coated jewelry)

  • Keep away from water

Take of your jewelry before taking a shower or swimming or washing utensils no matter who it is from. Yes, I know how some of you make promises not to take off a piece from that special person but if it is meant to last longer then it is okay to take it off once in a while.

  • If need be, clean using mild soap

Only when it is necessary and make sure it dries properly in a nicely aerated place to avoid damage.

  • Store in boxes or bags

In order to avoid tangling and loss of jewelry . Place them in boxes according to their sizes.

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