When you think of a wine and cheese, you might think it is quite complicated. A wine and cheese party is a fancy, mature and relaxed way to host as long as you are creative. Here are a guidelines to follow when hosting a wine and cheese.

It can be a small party of two or a large party but don’t worry, I got you.

  • Planning 

Depending on how big the party is, it is advisable to plan a month earlier. Plan a budget and do some research on what cheese pairs with which wine. You should also have an idea of how you would want your table to be so that you don’t keep running to the supermarket.

Below is a chart from Shortlist magazine to guide you on how pair wine and cheese but first,you need to know the three basic guidelines to pairing according to Max McCalman’s wine and cheese pairing swatch book.

  1. The saltier the cheese, the fruitier and sweeter the wine should be
  2. The lightly flavored cheese go better with the mildly  flavored wine and vise-versa
  3. Firm and aged cheese may be better partners  than younger and softer cheese

I usually get a variety of cheese at Yaya center Chandarana supermarket in Nairobi, based on my location but you can look for a supermarket that sells a variety around your location.


Do not forget to get a nice cutting board and cheese knives also wine glasses.

The wine glass you put on your table is determined by what type of wine you have as you know:

  1. Use big bell glasses for red wine to allow it to breathe.
  2. For white wine, use small wine glasses to keep the wine cold
  3. For champagne, use flute glasses to keep the bubbles.
  • Other food

wine cheese 1

You can accompany the wine and cheese with other food like fruits, crackers and you can also serve a full meal with it. Let your creativity flow here

  • Table setting

Time to show some creativity here too!!!

You as the host should understand which pairing is better for your guests( they might not know anything about cheese and wine). You  can therefore guide them by putting labels on the table or using a chalkboard runner. Here are some awesome ideas from B.lovely events

Chalkboard runner2



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