I thought that I had him,dear diary:

Wrapped around my finger tips like a nice piece of golden ring with pinstripes. I was supposed to be the princess, the lady but in no time was converted into the mistress. Let us stop the word art and start with the actual narrative.

They wear suits and flash their teeth out using big words to inspire people. They feel that the world is so wrong that they are supposed to make it right or are just convinced that quotes make them look all fly and flashy. Some are legit but I will tell you,diary, about them in a second. This one who Sasha met,he always wrote about quotes and books and mentioned big people everywhere he went. He always gave the biggest smile looking very accomplished next to large cars. Who would ever know…She decided to meet him and thought that he was a decent man. The first two dates were nice. He had at least stolen her heart despite the fact that she had asked herself a few questions of her own like.. “He is sweet and all but he is not what he said he was and I hate lairs. Where are all those things he said he had which he did not seem to have? but he forgot about t since he had already gotten the girl. It was then time to go to his place and she was so happy that they would be all alone in his house with her cooking her best dish, given that she was given half of the information. He always talked about going to see his family members in Umoja. She thought that it was sweet that he was a family person and a humble person from his deeds. She also felt that he was supportive because he gave her tips to succeed in life now and then.

She woke up the next morning next to home and she peeped through the window. Child, it did not look like Thika. She acted like a stupid naive girl ad asked where she was. He said that he had moved to Umoja.. The guy thought that he was very skilled in lying. She got angry but kept it all to herself. When he was on top of her the door banged open and someone came into the door asking for money for breakfast. Meanwhile, all sorts of curses were in her head about the shameless liar.  She later went to the sitting room where the family was and all they could do is looked at what she had and think that i was their boy that bought her all she had because they had felt too accomplished. Who knows, maybe they were also told a lie. They may have not known that she was a rich child. People who get very few coins and feel really achieved.

He left her in the house with the family and promised to come back soon and take her back town because she did not know her way around . She waited and tried calling him but he was not picking up. She decided to find her way to town. She sat in a bus watching over her phone since she could not find a cab. She was terrified.

Te next weekday she as she went to work she made a mental note to get a pregnancy test just to confirm that she did not have little posers in her belly. The test was negative. Since then she kept avoiding the guy with his ego without a foundation.

sorry Girl


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