This other types of guys under the “Quotes, suits and zippers “, society,Diary. They are so holy and everybody thinks that they are so successful and that they did it by being good all their lives. To the outside world, they seem to be busy trying to change a world positively yet their inner deeds are just too trashy. Once again,the dishonest people.

I knew him for quite a while and thought that he was the right one because he made me be at my best and do everything with the highest level of perfection with the little I knew. I watched him gain success from the time he  was doing his studies outside he country. We would communicate through social media and at some point we became closer than friends. One day he gave me the good news ” I am back in Kenya” I was so happy that I  had met someone who would drag me out of my messed up life.  Whenever I was up by four a.m to do my morning jog, work,study and meditation, he was always awake.We would start chatting from that time. He had so much power in him and was very outspoken but then again, he always found himself feeling shy on phone.

He kept in asking me to meet up with him whenever he was in town but given that I still wanted to trust him more before I could,something told me that he was not right. There is something that always happens to save your life whenever you  are about to make a bad decision,that is, if you are a lucky duck or God’s child. God’s children also fall in love. Even when my work place was next to the hotel he lived in, when I thought about calling,more work just happened to pile in.

After sometime he began to post pictures of ultrasounds to his followers who religiously followed his inspirational words and to the youths who wanted to grow up and be like him,he is still  a youth.. I am not talking about an old man. I kept it to myself and kept quiet on him despite the fact that I was still doing some work for him too. He then called me after sometime to ask about it, I remember that it was a Wednesday and he kept talking about it being “Women Wednesday” and that if he was around he would offer me some wine. I needed scotch instead, on that day.

A few days later, he told me that he was in town. I refused to meet him and told him the truth about what I had seen but he did not reply. He then sent a text on a totally different context. He said that he wanted us to be closer than what we had. I gave him a peace of my mind and then again, there was silence. Time went by again, he posted a picture of himself  holding a tiny little angel and gave some loving words, but the mother was nowhere among his pictures until some weeks later. I ignored.

One morning he sent me a text message again, telling me that he cannot stop thinking about me and he can always draw my body structure when he closed his eyes.I got very angry at him because I was sure that the lady who bore this child had not even recovered but he was already pouring his hormones somewhere else. Men. He said that he wanted to meet me ad explain everything to me because it was not how it looked like. But I never have time for that. I do not believe in getting involved with someone else’s or everybody’s property. One he decides to leave, I am cool with it. They always come back but I send them back to where they came from no matter how much money they possess. I, diary,am not a homeless person.

I refused to meet him, I now viewed him as a garbage in a suit despite he fact that his ego always told him that everybody loved him unconditionally and it did not matter what he did. My confidence level was at a higher rate. He even gave another writer my work, the work that he had given me. The writer patched my work up with some of his poor work with brought out a shoddy piece but what do they know?

The last text I remember sending after him asking me to meet him again was:

One day we will meet in a better environment when

I will be more accomplished and greater.

I do not want to remember the hate I have for you and it will e a whole new introduction and you will give me my respect.

I cannot stand a disrespectful man when I can still be great without one.

It was nice meeting you. Take care of those two,do not break their hearts.

I sent him this but then after weeks I received a text from him asking me to text my name because he had flashed his phone and lost everything. I laugh.


I know another girl would continue being with him because that is just how the girls these days are. When you know how great you are,a man becomes more of a luxury than a necessity.

Quotes, suits and balmain zippers but still be in your right mind because unnecessary people come into your life in different costumes.




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