Has it ever occurred to you that  today, only the music from Africa which has some authenticity  hits even to the international level ? They all have an African element in them?

There are several music genres that originated from Africa. Some developed by mixing the African style of music which had a lot  of energy in it and heavy instruments to the Diatomic harmony from the West. Such music genres include; Blues, Jazz ( rose from ragtime which was formed by the African slaves who accompanied the Europeans to war as war bands). House music, Techno and  Electro which rose from funk and soul music. Gospel music which we can dance to. This musical growth did not only happen to the slaves who were transported to countries like America, African Americans. It also happened to the Africans who still stayed in the continent. The evidence is the African musicians who rose from the continent in the early years.

I will first write about how rap music really began and then how break dancing and other hip hop dances began. I do not mean from a ghetto somewhere in America. It goes way deeper than that. I will also use West Africa in most of my examples because the ethnomusicologist who gave me some information on this showed me videos from West Africa on what I am writing about.


Rap music grew from chants. Africans used chants for different ceremonies and sometimes it was accompanied with musical intruments and dances. They would chant for a whole ceremony especially when it was a religious. African musical instruments were always large and were therefore louder. In areas like West Africa, the importance of a person was determined by the size of the musical instrument that accmpanied him although sometimes it would be based on convinience. Anyway, these chants which consisted repitition, call and response later grew into rap music. The “real” rap music sounds like someone speaking with some force ( what some people call spitting hard). Well this simply came from the past  African nature of doing everything with energy, the lifestyle of people of ancient Africa and also the struggles which later came with the slavery.

You can now fit your story about the African American who made rap music grow from here.


Breakdancing came a West African community. During a religious ceremony, they wore masks which were believed to have been the faces of different spirits wich haunted the community  and immitated the way they moved.Other hip hop dances also came from African acrobatics mixed with the vigor in African dances and dances which morrored what happens in real life in society. The European dances were all about culculating steps and order (one two three, one two three). When they tried to teach the Africans this, due to their vigour and energy, the Africans put some jumps into these dances and sometimes they were either too fast . They were neither gentle nor gracefull. With just a little bit of civilization, some flavour was put into this disorganized dancing and later it became what everybody loves to watch, wants to dance but once the few can.


It was very difficult to summarize this because there is a lot of interesting information but anyway. When I get enough time to do a video of everything I will. I might also post a video of the dances and chants I have written on so that you can see what I saying.


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