“I really cannot wait to see you what time will  you get here?”

That is the text message I woke up to after I had texted him at 9 a.m in my sleep just before I blacked out for another three hours then woke up to find an irritating blend of angry and worried text messages. I did not want to meet him let alone step outside my house. I had a long day at work and class the previous day. Life when you are trying to balance the two, in addition to this, the night was very heavy. Do not be mistaken, I should have gone even in my tired state, all I needed to do was to throw in some make up and good clothes and also a fake natural smile.

IMG_20160517_190841[1]There was something in my head which pulled me back to bed…what I had seen the previous night. I had written a hearty text about his so-called ex girlfriend on social media  and this made me really furious but my pride would not allow me to send him endless text messages. I was supposed to be the cool one who did not care in this relationship, you know, the one being followed and not the follower. At some point between the conversation we were now having , I lost patience and decided to take screenshots to show him that I had seen it  and to prove how clever I was not caring if  I looked like a crazy stalker or not.

I do not understand how it happened but I found myself hugging him. With  my laid back look; a jersey and a pair of rugged pants ( at the knee)and nails without nail polish,no make up except a nude lipstick and my famous fringed hair which fell to slightly below my eyebrows. I am a beautiful girl with no make up and I do not have blemishes on my face thanks to a diet of enough water, vegetables and a high level of hygiene so I had no stress.

I could tell that he was excited to see me but I felt like I had not dressed appropriately for this meeting(or whatever it was). The first thing he told me was how much I had complained on phone and that it was something that  he had never seen me doing.  I did not give a reply to this, I turned my head away like it was some sort of reflex action( what was this I did? it is something I had never done in my life…looking away, I always intimidated people with my straight looks. Even I, was surprised with my action.) His friend came to say hi to me and I immediately recognized him from t.v, a really cool politician. For a moment I began to think about my dressing again. Felt awkward but anyway…

umbrella 1I spent some time together with him until it was time to leave when I had to go to the store to get some groceries then go home. It was heavily raining outside, we were in a mall but I had to go to another one not so far from there. He got an umbrella, I had mine in the bag and so I removed it and opened it. He told me to close it and held my waist but I moved back and told him that my umbrella would stay open. He looked at me blankly like I did not know how “this thing” goes but a few steps later he said that it felt like we are in London. At that point I was all softened up and began to open up in order to get more stories to smile about at night in my bed when this day is finally over and I did all right. All the sweet words in the book with a mixture of the wise and the most proper sign off which was a kiss in the rain in public and I did not feel funny about it.

I was alone at the supermarket but we were still texting like we had not just met.  I did not find what I wanted and so I had to leave. The rain was too strong that it ruined my umbrella and my hair. My puffed up weave looked like cat fur on my forehead . He told me that he was in the in the restaurant at the mall which he left me in . He asked me to join him and so I did. The first thing he asked was why my hair looked the way it looked yet I had an umbrella, I just gazed at him and told him never mind. He kept on asking and so I gave a goofy stare and changed the subject but it seems like he was interested in this hair so he told me that I would look so good in natural hair. This has become a recent male proverb …anti-weave and anti-make up. I had to show him a picture of my natural hair so that he does not get ideas of what was underneath my weave. After he got  satisfied we began to talk about career, money, businesses and education…not really what you would expect. He walked me to the car when it was time to go and kissed me goodnight.

It is funny how they can change your mind in a second and make you do things without thinking about it. At least I  got something to destruct me from the stress on that day.



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