(Entry 3)Quotes, Suits And Zippers: Tables Part 1

One amusing thing about tables is that they always turn, and a factual thing about tables is  that there is always some sort of exchange happening across it. This one was rocking to a staccato rhythm, complaining about the excessive weight it was supporting.She could not believe it happened, how things elevated so fast. Her unexpected lover, an accomplice to her husband’s cheating. The poser had been caught in her own trap. She thought to herself in the midst of all the energy around her as she looked at the ceiling, “this angelic witch”

Darlene sat on her all white king size bed with yellow light coming from her vintage bedside lump at 5 a.m finishing her presentation at last minute, she hated last minute but she got home very late due to workload from her boss. She was tucked in from her waist below but she had put on a silky black sleeping rob on top of the large, white tshirt she loved to sleep in. She got this tshirt from her boyfriend, Beau, who was away on a business trip. Beau and Darlene were not staying together, Darlene did not like the idea of co-habitting  because she enjoyed her own space. The space she worked so hard for. The lovely loft apartment  with large windows in her bedroom and living room. Her bed faced the large window which showed the city lights and it faced the perfectly lit hills. The loft had cheek and carefully selected furniture and the whole design of her apartment spelled classy and perfectionist all over.

Darlene, after finishing her presentation, went about her usual routine; a short prayer, jogging, taking the longest shower( she would take a shower in the morning and in the evening take a bubble bath) and finally making a carefully selected breakfast from her phone meal plan, this time she had a jumbon oeuf plat and some coffee with fruit. Then came her second favorite part of the day, picking a dress and shoes and doing her make up. Her first favorite was showing them off  at her office and making people talk about her as she walked like she is stalking prey.

Her golden  Jimmy Choo Romy pumps echoed in the empty parking lot as she walked towards the basement lift to take her to her office.As soon as she stepped out of the lift, eyes were on her. Who could ignore her with that official black dress which showed her curves, a snake skin blazer, a black  and golden Michael Kors bag hanging neatly from her wrist and a slim Calvin Klein watch? . Her hair was held back with some left in the front and she wore maroon lipstick which complimented her serious “don’t cross me” look as she nodded at her workmates who said hi and ignored the jealous eyes. She made it to her desk and pulled out her notebook then rushed for the morning meeting. The day was busy but she was able to keep up with the pressure. After  the stressful day she went to get cocktails with her friend Oren and the glamorous gay Gabe.

“Girl, what happened between you and Beau?” Gabe asked, holding his cocktail like he was holding a trophy , in his perfect blue Armani suit as he crossed his legs to show his Italian Loafers. Darlene wondered why he was asking, she told him a week before that her prince charming was out of town getting that money. Beau was  the perfect man, a gentleman who was dark, tall , rich , handsome with the body shaped like an Oscar statue dipped in chocolate but still a gentleman. Just the thought of him made her feel a tickle up her spine. “I told you that Beau is out of town” she said. Gabe had this confused expression and he  held his straw and sipped his sparkling ombre rose cocktail  like he was trying to gobble down a bomb that may cause mass destruction( well it was going to). “What?” Darlene asked shifting glances from Gabe to Oren whose reaction was too obvious, she was almost jumping from her seat as she shouted “Oh hel…” and crossed her legs letting her nude chiffon pumps with silver detail shimmer in the restaurant’s dim lighting. Oren and Gabe knew something and Darlene was going to find out.


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