Beau, after posting a powerful quote on Instagram, he then shared it to his linked contacts on Facebook and twitter and finally posted it to snapchat. He always posted something to his faithful followers who admired his life. His pictures, captions and quotes put him out as the perfect, successful man. He was every man’s goal, every woman’s Mr. Right and every youth’s mentor. He posted his own original and carefully formulated quotes about success and the right side of life as if he had taken it upon himself to change the world with his world and educate people…you know, a good citizen.

IMG_20160429_235055[1]He put down his phone and removed his silver, customized cuffs then took off his shirt, exposing his sculpture of a body, oh, and his back…his back…his back, like I said, he is an Oscar that accidentally fell in chocolate. “Your hands are cold” he told the other silhouette in the room which was poorly lit, one could tell that it was a failed attempt to set a romantic mood.  The silhouette was too perfect, curvy and moved with a sense of pride and confidence, her presence was powerful. She moved closer to his back and tip toed to reach his neck. She then held his built arms and squeezed them lightly and kissed right below his right shoulder.  She turned and gracefully walked back to the tiny table across the room to get her glass of whiskey then went to take a seat. She was bored, she was not the type to initiate, she way too old fashioned for that bullshit and she felt like leaving because she felt like this man was trying to pull an egocentric stunt on him and she did not appreciate that given that nothing he had could match her or even match any of her past relationships.  This was too slow and boring, she took her purse and the glass with whiskey then swung her way to the door. He was caught up in the midst of the “mystery” “romantic” stand he was trying to pull off thinking that it would impress the dame in the room. He turned around and found only to find her trying to open the door, one moment she was close, the next she was trying to leave, “stay” he said as he walked towards her. He held her by the waist and pulled her close to his chest, “where were you running to?” he asked but all that came from her was a mischievous smile. Beau carried her and made her wrap her legs around his waist and closed the door with one hand. He switched off the only light in the room, on the bedside lamp.

His breathing was rhythmic to his heavy steps as he ran in the morning cold along Upper Hill Road. He wore a body hugging navy blue jumper and a pair of grey sweatpants which made the Nairobi women turn, some even turned with their smartphones just so that they could share that coffee with the rest of their followers with the hashtag; man goals as they cursed secretly at their men who looked like Santa Clause…a large, round ball of lifestyle diseases and diet mistakes but saw it an achievement. All cars slowed down past him, as he passed a fading sound was heard, “hi there, can we talk for a minute”. That body, that print…but he wasn’t paying attention to any of that, he was deep in thought and had earphones on. He had left the girl in the hotel room and lied to her wife to be, what if she bumped into her? The thought of bumping into Darlene sent shivers down his spine and he sped back to the hotel. She was still deep in sleep, she had a choice of waking up or not because she had already achieved and was running one of the biggest companies to the country and not through her daddy or a man on the side as people thought. No pretty girl in the city would enjoy the fruits of her labor without people accepting her efforts or struggles. He went to take a shower and got ready fast. “Where are you going to, stay” Beau heard a voice just as soon as the door creaked open. “I need to go to work” he replied then left before Eudora would give a comment because he knew how convincing she was.

_20151222_004842Darlene’s heart broke into pieces, her breathing became heavier and she left like a fat man was sitting on her stomach.  Beau was leaving the hotel, Gabe and Oren were right about that, he was not out of the country, he was not even out of town. But was he really with another woman? Did he just want his space? Gabe cannot do this to me…can he? Gabe stuck his head from the back seat of Darlene’s G wagon and hissed “That devil on the back of a pony, this man is up to no good, girl you best dump his ass back to that ratchetness  he came from” Oren laughed and told Darlene, “Maybe he was not with a woman, as much as he was not truthful”. Darlene did not comment, she just sped off. She dropped Oren and Gabe at work and called in sick for the day.

“Why is he acting like he was not the one who approached me, like he is the holy one here? Hell, I am not the one who is cheating here, hell, I am single. She said as she sat on the bed. She grabbed her gown and went to the mirror to look at her skin, she ordered breakfast and began to check her email and made a few phone calls to ensure her creation was still breathing. She took her breakfast and took a long, refreshing shower.  She carefully put on her makeup and checked out of the hotel.  She got to her work building, as soon as the lift door opened, her secretary rushed to receive her and tried to make a good impression as she informed her on the company’s progress.  Eudora walked straight like she was stalking prey with her face plain and her eyes forward, the rest of her employees were running around, one could tell they were pretending so that they could impress except for one, Scarlette, she knew that she was experienced and that the company could not do without her, she was the star and proud. Eudora did not like her before, it took a couple of hair pulling, work drama and drink pouring for her to like this girl, but now she was Eudora’s favourite.  She interrupted the secretary by shutting the office door at her face and as soon as she took a seat and sipped her alcohol-infused coffee, she shouted, “Call Scarlette”.  In a minute, Scarlette walked through the door with a bunch of papers and sat on the seat opposite her. Eudora looked at the white dress and shoal she had on, with white heels which blended with her complexion and curves…she liked that dress. As she walked to her desk Eudora said, “Girl, you are killing it today” Scarlette smiled and gave a nod of appreciation then the discussion on work began until Eudora grabbed her by the dress.

miss-piggyDarlene sat in the coach crying and doing what to her, was the worst sin, eating junk food. This man was supposed to be her perfect one, how was she going to start removing all those pictures on Instagram? Her followers always looked forward to pictures of “the lovely couple” just so that they could repost and write relationship goals and just so that men would take notes on how to treat a lady. She tried watching comedy so that she could cheer up but it was not working. How was she going to ask Beau about the woman, she was definitely going to ask him about not going out of town but the cheating part??  She felt like texting him and ranting to him but she knew that text would not solve much. She decided to switch off her phone and drink up. In the midst of the wooziness, she heard a knock at the door, she hurriedly opened the door because she knew who it might be, and it was. “Hi…”

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