Pull her close and prey to her skin

She  has a god complex and a layer within…

1He dropped his bag on the floor and picked her from the door then pinned her on the wall of the hallway of her apartment. For some reason, he felt at ease just by seeing her. He tightened the grip on her waist. Darlene was confused, she felt like her heart was burning up. A mixture of anger,love and disgust. Too many questions filled her head. She was torn between over reacting as she had planned and just playing along then getting him some day. That was not her concern tonight because she missed him so much. She held him tight and kissed him but she could not control the tears. “I missed you too babe, don’t cry, I am here now” Beau . This statement made Darlene stop crying and all of a sudden she frowned but Beau could not notice this because her face was buried on his shoulder .  The echo of high heels was heard before a lady in a large fur coat and running mascara, holding a bottle of tequila stopped at Darlene’s door and shouted “Get a room!!”  as she struggled to maintain her balance. Beau, feeling interrupted rolled his eyes and banged the door at her face then said under his breath, “These desperate girls crying all over town over a man”. DIY Eye Makeup Remover:

Darlene would always prepare some good food for Beau whenever he came from trips. She was the wife living in another apartment but this time, Darlene got off Beau and said “Everything is in the fridge I am really tired, I am going to bed ” Beau looked at Darlene like she owed him something but Darlene ignored this look. He could as well sleep on the coach. She did not care.  As she was walking to the bedroom she saw Beau’s phone laying on the sofa and she picked it up. Beau put the same password in every device and she knew his laptop password. She tried it and Viola!!She opened his gallery to a nasty view “honey pots” of different races, she sat down to support herself and then went further to scroll his text messages. She saw petty flirts to which he carelessly replied then this one string of conversations which he faithfully replied to, it was not his boss. Her name is Eudora. She picked up the number and her user on all possible social media sites and began to do what every other sane person, who is not planning on killing her stray significant other would do, stalking to see the competition. It was tough alright, this woman was literally everything she wanted to be.

As she looked at her phone, Beau kissed the back of her neck as he grabbed her waist I think the universe is testing how long I can bend until I break...: but Darlene jumped out of his  grip. A move that made him doubt that something was terribly wrong, you see, his arms felt so good and he knew it, he could hug himself and feel it, women loved to steal a touch and whenever he hugged  Darlene, she would always melt but not today…she was cold,and salty.  “What’s wrong?” He asked. She looked at him and smiled then she said that everything was fine. He sat on the bed looking at Darlene as she put on her pajamas then  said, “Baibe…” like she owned him something. Darlene always had a surprise for her man; good meals and lingerie (not pajamas). She was the type of woman who served all round; face, body, soul, and most importantly, good “edible” food but at that point the only thing she felt like serving him is drought and if it were not for the plan she had up her sleeve, she would have served up the good old kick in the Bo jangles. She put on her pajamas and went to sleep saying that she was too tired. Lights out.
Darlene was in such a hurry to leave her house that morning and that meant that she wanted Beau out too. She told him that she had an early appointment. Beau did not argue, he got dressed and left the house. He got into his car and made a phone call, “Hello, what’s good bruh, I would like to meet up, we need to talk man, I think my girl is cheating on me” then he drove off leaving Darlene at the parking lot fumbling with her keys as tears stung . She was going to meet Gabe but first she needed to make a stop at the doughnut store to get Gabe his fav doughnuts. Gabe did not appreciate it when people came to his condo empty handed and he was pretty vocal about it. While Darlene was at the doughnut shop, someone tapped her shoulder in a friendly way.  She turned and to her surprise, Eudora, tall with a serious face and everything in her body was shouting “glamour”. She had left a trail of eyes behind her. She smiled…

“Hello there, I couldn’t help but notice your Balenciaga, it looks stunning,” Eudora said. This was awkward even for her because she is the type of lady who rarely gives compliments. According to her, everything of hers is better than everybody else’s.  Darlene froze for a while and then forced a thank you while still trying to decide whether to jump on her and beat the kingdom come or to act classy. She decided to keep calm and perhaps make a new friend so that she could learn a thing or two about her. Eudora asked Darlene for her number and swayed away with her latte and doughnuts and waved at her.  Darlene frowned a little and picked hers then drove to Gabe’s house.Red velvet donuts topped with cream cheese frosting! Bonus: They're ready in just 20 minutes.:

“I am coming!! Stop knocking like I just killed somebody!!” Gabe said as he cat walked towards the door swinging a white coffee mug written on “Vogue”. He wore tiny, combat shorts and a white V-neck t-shirt exposing his caramel body. Gabe had a body that every African ma'The Little Things' Mug: n would ever dream of having but he was attracted to the same sex. He did not care about what the “poor” idle people said when he passed by in his convertible he always said “If they talked as much as they worked then maybe this country could be a better place because there would be less people saying “Tunaomba serikali”” He always thought that it is the collective responsibility for the citizens to work towards building their country but on a personal level all the way up but this country had people who had good health but they could not help themselves, they were too lazy, mocking disability. They would ask the government to buy their children diapers because they loved things for free. It reminded him of his aunt who was so poor but refused to work in a hotel so that she could start from the bottom because “it was not work for people with a master’s degree”. Gabe was hardworking. His parents abandoned him because he was homosexual until when he graduated at a young age with a master’s degree and got more money than his siblings. All of a sudden, he became the favorite son among three for he got more money than the rest of his siblings.

Gabe opened the door for Darlene,still complaining about her knock but when he saw the doughnuts, he gave a big smile and said “Come in girl”. Darlene got in and rolled her eyes at him then went straight to the swan sculptured tequila bottle and took a shot. Gabe stood still behind her frowning as he watched her drinking right from the bottle(the mouth of the swan). Darlene never drunk through the bottle before, she always hated that manners so something was definitely wrong “EEW girl,get your lips out of my tequila bottle” Gabe said. “You DO NOT know what just happened” Darlene replied. Darlene filled Gabe up on the weird encounter. Gabe asked Darlene to stay away from the lady but Darlene did not listen. Eudora had texted Darlene asking her out for a drink and Darlene accepted. She went to meet Eudora as soon as she left Gabe’s house hoping to get some answers.

Eudora’s house was large and classy with vintage decoration. One could tell that she spent a lot in decorating that house. Wait, what was she doing in the house of a stranger? Was Beau worth all this? Eudora led her to the gazebo where she had prepared some apple Martini and told her to feel at home. Darlene felt smart on the inside, her plan was working well for her. They had a more formal introduction and they realized they had a lot in common. They had too much to drink but Darlene had a bit more. They were laughing, the elephant in the room was no longer there, the distance between them had reduced.It's a shame when you walk in a bar and cant get one of these! Leave it to Statesboro

One amusing thing about tables is that they always turn, and a factual thing about tables is that there is always some sort of exchange happening across it. This one was rocking to a staccato rhythm, complaining about the excessive weight it was supporting. She could not believe it happened, how things elevated so fast. Her unexpected lover, an accomplice to her husband’s cheating. The poser had been caught in her own trap. She thought to herself in the midst of all the energy around her as she looked at the ceiling, “this angelic witch”(refer to beginning: Suits and zippers: Tables 1 

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