_20161222_113208-1 “Can I buy you a drink?”

 ” I like ladies who can buy their own drinks”

“That man should be ashamed for coming over to our table without  buying us a drink”

“What did you say bitch, I bought you a drink so you best go home with me”

“She snaked me after I bought her  drink”

                                                 …And some girls just feel proud when they make a guy buy them a                                                       drink, why don’t you get a guy to give you his world or something                                                         that will not make you woozy, something that you won’t puke out the next day                                                 

Well, no love story in real life has ever started with a drink, especially vodka, and survived. Well, maybe this one almost did.

Come find me… this was the first text message he ever got from her after they met during the previous week in the same club. He was drunk, he was happy,fit, sweet and humble but most importantly, he was a good dancer. He had just entered the club . Fariji had spotted him first. He was very surprised , he did not expect her to text him. He had given her his number the previous week but she did not text or call but today, she did. He started looking around. He found her next to the DJ booth dancing the night away. She looked so happy, she looked so beautiful. Her curves and the patterns on her tights synced with the disco lights as she followed rhythm. His thoughts were interrupted when a mutual friend spotted him and shouted, “Adewole!!You came!” she then pulled him to the dance floor. disco-ballBefore he could reply, the sloppy  Fariji had already rushed to his arms, forcing him to dance. Adewole was a bit tipsy . The two always had very interesting  chemistry when they danced. The last time they met, Adewole was so drunk  that Fariji had to adjust to meet his energy and this made her body ache all week. They danced to every song, for every song, they had a dance style.

When somebody gets really drunk, they feel like they are on top of the world, very energetic. They dance and have fun as long as they are jumping around but when it all stops, they feel dizzy and nauseated. Fariji felt this way when she stopped dancing, when Adewole left her. He said that he had gone to the gents. When he came back he found Fariji sited with her head on her lap. She said that she was feeling ill. Adewole, being the gentleman that he was (at least Fariji thought so), asked her if she wanted to leave the club. Fariji agreed. She tried to find her friend for two reasons, they were supposed to leave the club together  and also, it is a policy that girls should not leave their friends in the club. She looked as far as her woozy eyes could but she could not find her. Waridi had a habit of walking around too much when she was drunk. She found herself outside the club walking to Adewole’s house because it was a  few blocks away. Adewole marveled at the fact that the quiet boring girl he knew had become talkative and funny. Some things he could not even answer to.

They got to his place and he helped her sit down. “I do not sleep with clothes that I sweat in, do you have a  large tshirt?” She said. Adewole had turned to close the door. He turned to answer, what he saw made him turn the other way fast with his eyes wide open. The girl had stripped innocently waiting for a tshirt. Was she trying something or was she too comfortable with him. Was he above the 100% friend-zone that she felt like she could do that around him? “Sure”.,He gave her a tshirt.  She put it on fast without even looking at him or stalling then jumped into the  bed, covered herself and fell asleep leaving him standing  there. He wondered  if he should sleep on the couch or on the bed.

Waridi woke up the next morning and looked around. The memories began to creep in.She hoped there was a back door so that she could run away. Had she just stripped in front of this dude?  After minutes of thought, she decided to act brave and  to act like nothing happened. “So, how was your night?” She asked. He shrugged and said “Well, the night was okay, I slept on the floor and a drunk girl stripped in my house” The moment he said that, Waridi almost ran away. She went back to his room, got dressed and left.

For the rest of the week, they were all friendly and too close but on the inside, things were different. They all had different goals. The “drunk girl” was a hopeless romantic who just  wanted to love  one person while the gentleman wanted to have fun with the ladies after experiencing a savage heartbreak. They started avoiding each other after all this was clear but they would act friendly towards each other until they did not see each other anymore. They would still text though. Their phone conversations became more hostile and the man finally unleashed his pettiness, the lady followed. They never saw each other again.


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