She has the body goals and she did not get it from her mother, neither did she get it from lifting heavy weights at the gym or running a mile or two. She got it from “running track”,  the many calls she randomly got from this man telling her to come through fast before her girlfriend got back home. She would run like she was running for the Olympics hoping that the man would leave the girl for her, you know… like the movies. She had perfected the skills of hiding and camouflage so much that one could confuse the damsel for a Chinese ninja. All for this man. All that jumping into hiding won her a body that everyone wanted. is her weekend activities:

We all know that many of these girls have nothing meaningful going on in their lives because they are always on speed dial and as soon as they are called, child, they do not waste time. So she would be there sitting maybe doing her nails or planning on taking her next selfie or maybe in school or working but with the least amount of concentration. Still thinking about the wonderful moment at previous visit with this man at their posh hiding place, she gets a phone call from the man who either has a woman, girlfriend of fiancée. He asks her to come through, she leaves everything and goes to him According to her, men who can give her a good time are of higher value and are therefore put on a pedestal.

She meets the man who does the usual; he buys her good food that she can take a picture of and share. He knows what makes her happy, a hotel with proper presentation, anything that will help her announce how classy she is to her virtual friends. When she tries to tell him about her day, the man shuts her up gently, after watching a movie or two on how to romantically make a girl keep quiet without being an ass. He has not time to waste, ” this is not a proper date”, he thinks, “I just want  to reach for what’s below”. She is taken to one of the most expensive clubs in town because the man’s wife stopped drinking when they met, she was trying to be the good, loyal lady. She gets high, they go back to the hotel, lights out…voices. The next morning he asks her to leave because he has an early meeting, since she did not pay for anything for the night, she feels guilty about asking for her transport back. She steps out with a hangover, outside the harsh sun and decides to go to a mall to get some breakfast before going anywhere else. She opens her bag at the security check and the contents from her poorly arranged bag fall off ; make up, a wet pant, her toothbrush and a one high heeled shoe. The watch lady gives her a sympathetic and an equally disgusted facial expression. The sympathy was for  the girl’s little accident and the disgust for the wet thing she caught before it fell.

Embarrassed, she picks her things up and walks to the restaurant to buy breakfast so that she could find her way back to her home afterwards. She did not even think of  manipulating the man into getting her the permanent things for the temporary high that she settled for was just  good enough.  It was a trend that when he had to go back to his lady , his face and his moods  changed , not because he did not want to go back to his girlfriend or wife but it was so that the damsel does not try to persuade him to stay. Just last month the man was called by somebody about his wife, she had just fallen from the stairs. He threw her one the bed and did not look back.  He left the room and to ran to her then called later and said that it was a business emergency.

She finishes her breakfast and decides to walk home, because they will not see her beauty if she is in a car.

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