I told him to stop watching too many movies.


She lifted her head up with mixed expressions on her face, half worried and half shook. “Hush!” she said, trying not to sound angry, trying to say it in a sexy way. She did not want to be the one to spoil the mood. She found it difficult to sleep that night. How could one say that in the midst of fornication? The room was dark but not totally dark. A little light came from the security light outside the window which exaggerated the shadows in the room. Octavia and Andre were deeply indulged into getting their ends away until in the midst of it all he shouted “Take me to church!!”

It was all fun and games when everything Andre said sounded familiar to Octavia, not from the many boys who dropped similar lines, no, but from movies, novels and plays.Some were deep…too deep that it made her fall in love, she loved the fact that he appreciated art. You know how girls crave love that is just like the movies? She was living just like in the movies. With a man who always thinks about her and does good things without her asking because he took his time to know her. He was chivalrous. You know how chivalrous men are hard to find. They would take long romantic walks and somewhere in the middle he would carry her all the way and kiss her.

That night, she stayed awake. Even his comfortable arms could not drown her to sleep. She kept thinking;was their love based on scripts and not from the heart? Did he treat her like that because he did not know how to treat her so he turned to the movies ( keeping in mind that the media influences everything in our lives today)? Was she the one who set her standards up to the movie level? Was the pleasure real or planned out and perfectly timed and…why Hozier? Why not The Weekend?

Is the love you share based on scripts from someone’s imagination or does it come from your heart? (Or wherever you believe it comes from).


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