You love collect calls inside of your cigarettes…

The house was dark and full of empty liquor bottles. Two shadows could be seen on the wall, just from these shadows one could tell that beauty had occupied the room.  Tyrone locked the door behind him so that none of his rowdy friends could get in unannounced like they always did.  He put on some slow music then carried her and they felt each other, they danced.

He jumped off the bed and went to the kitchen counter of the bed sitter where he lit a candle…two candles, soft music still playing…romantic right? Wrong, the room had no bulb and he also needed the candle to light his many dosses of cigarettes. You see, he did not have a matchbox and matchsticks in the house and so he had to keep that fire burning. Letty was seated in between the sheets looking at Tyrone, a handsome man with no facial expression whatsoever. A man who wasn’t her’s but everyone else’s, public property…the plug but not for drugs.  However, like any other girl,  she hoped to change him . She let his empty tales tickle her heart. She had hopes, she was willing to go through all that.

Tyrone lit one cigarette and gave it a puff then closed his eyes with more pleasure than he had when he was with her…the cigarette addict.  . He then he blew out the smoke as if his problems were slowly blowing away. A closed door and closed windows later, the room was filled with smoke and he was on his third cigarette. Letty still staring. At some point she tried to crack a but all that came out was a smile. He was deep in the zone so she decided to keep her mouth shut. When he decided to talk, he spat out his everyday joke, “this is my cancer on a stick”.  He then went back to bed and covered himself, snatching the blanket away from Letty. She sat there processing , she was not going to complain.

Thirty minutes later she said, “I’m going to leave now, I have so much to do and I need to rush back ( she had nothing to do, she just had to leave, she felt like she was of no use). Tyrone immediately jumped, “you want to go right now? why?”  In her head the only answer she could give was that he was not grateful for the honeypot but well..she was going to leave anyway, she was not supposed to be there beside him all this time, like what the people today say, they were not dating, they were just f* ing besides, she was choking from the cigarette smoke. “Stay”, he said in a mellow voice now trying to be romantic. She was not going to fall for that, he was a confused one.  She put on her clothes and looked through the window to see if anyone was outside then sneaked out, nobody must know about her. She remembered the skipping game she used to play as a child, the A,B,C game where one would skip to the letters of the alphabet then stopped to a letter she preferred. The one skipping would then pick a boy’s name that begins with that letter then what followed was a series of questions such as, “Letty, Letty do you love … yes, no, yes, no..” up to wherever she decided to stop . This would go all the way to where her and that man would get married. Nobody warned her that life would not be that easy.






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