These words “Let them eat cake” is linked to one of the most cruel queens in History  (although opposing research say that it was not Marie Antoinette who said these words) .But we are not here to talk about history or cruelty. So if you know the whole story you will be able to relate but if you don’t…well, you will still get the message but check it out or watch it, its a beautiful story.

_20161115_183630Being a “Let them eat cake” kinda girl does not mean being cruel. It means that you should  stop focusing on other people too much whether  it is what they think  or what they want you to do especially if they only care about themselves. There are people in this world who pour out so much emotionally. They show so much love and those who come to  take what they want. The “givers”, “the receivers” and “the givers and receivers”.

Being a little bit selfish is not a bad thing. Sometimes you need to take time off and be good to yourself, for all that love you give for free.  Do good by you just the way you do good to others. Focus on your work to make yourself successful, make your hair, do your nails, meet new people, go out there, travel and go on dates if single and make the most out of your relationship if not.  Remember, you  cannot make everyone happy. When you are happy, you vibrate that happiness to the right people.

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