Phones are always there to serve us. A large percentage of people do not know how to make their everyday life more effective by utilizing the most out of their phones. We always think that the phone might only help us with calls, texts, different ways of interaction and pictures ( looking for partners but there is so much we can do.

First of all, I do not encourage people to use the wallet application on their phones to. I think that it is a bad idea to put in your credit information on the phone no matter how strong your security may be because if someone can hack into a bank’s system then your phone’s system is a walkover. You may counter huge losses when you store your critical information.

Here are the important applications that you may need to have beside the applications that are pre-installed in your phone:

Period Tracker

Image result for my calendar period tracker

First, it is really important for you to have a period tracker. This is important because in most cases when you go to hospitals you will be asked by the doctor or nurse when your last periods was no matter how mild or non-related the possible illness may be.  Hell I was asked when I had my last periods when I went to hospital for a cold and It made me wonder. Secondly,  you might need this when you have been on the “Spree” lately and you are suddenly late.You will be able to count and make a decision fast.

Just make sure you get an application which will calculate automatically and also has a platform in which you are enables you to fill in any medication you are on or if you have been involved in any sexual activity ( it must give detailed info about it).

Music applications.

Image result for music app

If you are a lover of new music and you need to be check on trend. Have a music application which will update you on new music released and may allow you to listen  the buy  or download the song. I use Android so I am sure the application is present but if you have a different OS, feel free to search for it or search for an application in your store that performs the same functions.

Finance and savings application

Image result for saving and budgeting app

This is quite obvious, it will help  you use your money sparingly by giving you tips on how to save and enabling you to have a budget plan depending on your priorities.  These applications such as Mint and Clarity Money, Unsplurge and Good Budget will help you save especially if you are a spend thrift like me.



Online news application

Image result for news app

You need to have at least two news applications for your local and international news to know what is happening around you so that you don’t get lost when it comes to intelligent conversations and conversations based on current affairs.  Also to get entertained on gossip news.



Reader Apps.

Image result for wattpad app


Reader applications consist online libraries and reader publishing communities such as watt-pad which enables you to read novels, audio books and any other publications. Some may also enable you to download and also publish your own book. You will not get bored when travelling and you do not need to carry a lot of books when you travel. In this category there are also online magazine applications. But you can also do your subscription.

Diet App.

Image result for world cuisine app

A diet application and a recipe app is important for people who love to eat good food even from the comfort of their homes and the ones who live for healthy diets. There are several food applications with diet plans that will make healthy eating possible and that will make you have the skin and body goals that you have always wanted . If you want to surprise bae with your cooking skills there are applications such as World Cuisine App that has a collection of recipes from different continents  so foodies, this is quite a treat. You have no excuse for cooking noodles.

Event Applications.

If you are a girl who loves to go to places and meet new people or network, then you need this. I prefer EventBrite personally because you are able to choose the category of events that you are interested in as per your location.


Well… we all have our preferences according to how your life is. Make the most out of your phone and let it serve you.






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