What is sexuality? it is a capacity of sexual feelings, a person’s sexual orientation or preference. If you are a bisexual person who has not terribly hurt a homosexual person or lesbian because of your indecisiveness, raise your hand.

In the beginning, God made Adam and Eve but  generations later, some parts of Adam’s generation ended up preferring Steve instead of Eve and some children of Eve ended up preferring Liz instead of Adam and said they said that it was how they were created. The rest of the children chose to stick as Adam and Eve.

Some of Adam and Eve’s daughters and sons chose to play around with these two parties. Confused by their short-lived desires for adventure, playing games and mocking other peoples’ sexual orientation with their confusion, wrecking souls and breaking hearts as they go, for their own selfish reasons.  They hide behind the simply understood labels; gay or straight, even their symbols are complicated, they look like mathematical algebra. To make things simple , they hide behind the rainbow. They still enjoy the option of saying that they are straight in front of the person who they had sex with the previous night, making a man or a woman regret ever getting with them for thinking that they match their sexuality. Just so that they can miss the jaws of discrimination, they blend in with the majority and still enjoy the fruits of being the minority. These are confused souls of the world play with people’s feelings. If it is a man, it’s disgusting and if it is a woman, it is sexy to poly-amorous men. Bi-sexuals.

While people are being all insensitive about individuals who are attracted to the same sex, just one sex, there is a group that I have never understood, the bisexuals. What motivates them? Is it an excuse to just have it both ways? and if you were to have a male partner( if you are male), would you be faithful to them or would you end up having a wife and a kid and a man on the side…you see, confused. The worst are the men who have girlfriends or boyfriends, and are sometimes single but they pretend to be homophobic in public. They offend a homosexual man in public then slide their phone number to him privately just to get sexual satisfaction from this man. Sexual con men and women. What do you want from this world Bisexuals, make a decision. I feel like bisexuals (both male and female) need to identify themselves and date among themselves ( if they are actually a real thing)  so that they can stop making a joke out of gay and straight people.  This is the main reason why people think that homosexuality is just a phase or just about hooking up. And that being straight is a joke too. Pick a side or date a  fellow bisexual.

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