I’m trying not to be shy about drunk texting, convincing myself that it’s no longer creepy but cute and romantic thanks to Sauti Sol. But tonight I’m not in the mood for drunk texting the romantic because my supposed Knight does not really have that flair for the emotional and the artistic things. Maybe he is just into artists because they are the real freaks (when they are not busy giving deep views about the world , which comes out  creepy and twisted) they do not try to copy what is in movies…like everyone else who would rather take sex and dating tips from a page of someone else’s fantasies and imaginations. Tonight I feel like drunk texting the people I didn’t even know. It’s healthy to drop that awkward, “Hi” once in a while.

Did I just mention my supposed Knight? I guess I left out the shinning armor part. You see, he is a knight but he does not have that shinny armor because he likes being in the shadows, he’s not supposed to be seen with a girl like me. Maybe a phantom. Any girl would say that I should be smart enough and bitch about it but we let people be what they chose to be. You cannot accuse someone for something that they haven’t done.  But if I am the stupid enough, I’d just be smarter with the 50 contacts of upgrades next times. Or rather send him screenshots of all those upgrades (with pictures) to remind him who has the P* and the legs that don’t quit, in the relationship.  You see, we should not get so lost in smartness until we forget who the fool is in the game. So I walked home with my phantom.

I had gone to get milk for over four hours now but  I was going home with no milk. I had gone to the supermarket with a short dress and a pair of six inch heels and my grown out tapered cut that was now an uneven fro. As required, as a rule in the dating world, he gave me his sweet nothings even if I knew two of the girls he had been with the previous week. I listened to him,  mindlessly smiling so that he could not feel like he was talking to himself (but he was) I was busy cooking up an excuse as to why I came back home at 2, staggering. Not because I had a parent who was anti-guys, hell, whenever I go to a social place my mother says, “Get you a man too” because I have never been the child to give guy problems. I just had my transformation from a nerdy being just the other day.  He kissed me goodbye, again, because it was a requirement. We do a lot because it is a requirement and not because it comes from us sincerely. We are too accustomed to processes.






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