It came from a girl. Oh, you are already judging me. Well then, if you have never been told before, then please get it from me. Every girl’s first kiss is never really their first kiss. If not all girls then I am sure about the majority. Is this confusing to you? Many experiment with other girls…their friends but it never really counts as a first kiss.

As soon I gained a better understanding of the things that happen in the movies and concluded that it was the same thing that happened in real life. I was finally growing past part of my mother’s lies but in mere theory…mere and purely African theory.   One night, in our housing unit in one of the several flats that screamed “cheap housing” with their old walls and constant water shortage accompanied by blackouts, Zina came to visit. Zina was a tall girl, taller than me and equally older than me by two years. She was the daughter of the lady who sold charcoal downstairs, Mama Tosi (Tosi was the youngest child). They lived in the same store that they sold charcoal in. Last time I heard that the mother landed millions and as everyone else does, they all went abroad. Zina came over to play, I remember, it was one of the nights of blackouts.  She knocked at the door of our one bedroomed house unit and the house help, who I hated so much for burning my little brother opened the door (I hated her more when I heard a conversation between her and other estate helps that she wanted to urinate on my little brother because according to her, it heals burns).

“Zina, unajua ni saa ngapi wewe?” Jackie, our house help, asked if she knew what time it was. Zina answered that nobody was in the house on that day.  Jackie decided to go to the shop. Zina and I started talking about Days of Our Lives, the series that was hit then. There was a scene where, one of the characters, was it Christine? Hope or Sam? Was dancing and Zina liked it so she said “Si hivi ndio wazungu hudance “(this is how white people dance) she took the hem of her dress and started to wave it around as she moved in some kind of salsa wave. I was there just cheering on because I loved dancing, I had started dancing from a young age and it earned me criticism. People saying, “this child will be a prostitute when she grows up, look at the skirts she puts on (I loved crop tops which were then called tumbo cuts and short skirts and momma would buy them for me. The tumbo cuts were a default because I used to wear them all the time to expose my big belly. What can I say, I was one mean chubby baby with a serious face).

“ Nikuonyeshe wazungu husalimiana aje? “ She asked if she could show me how white people say hi to each other. I accepted. She pecked both my cheeks then mumbled something with the effort to tweng…something that did not make sense at all. I said, with the equal effort to tweng, “thank you madam”. We did that four times because we enjoyed playing that game then before I knew it, she gave me a kiss on the lips. Well it was not really a kiss, she bit my lower lip and I screamed. On that day I said that I will never kiss again.

I was seven…but that wasn’t my first kiss. When I was six…(My first kiss Pt2)


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