…But that was not my first kiss…
The little girl that everybody loved but Oliver loved a bit more. She was known because she loved dancing. She would always get out of the house and dance as people gathered around to watch her. The little girl who loved to put on only crop tops which were then called tumbocuts and skirts. Oliver was the next door neighbour, we lived in a large five bedroom bungalow and they lived in the next old blue flat, if you read part one you would realize how low my family dropped financially ( it’s funny how I remember the details but the truth is that after twenty whole years, one day I was laying on my bed and I just remembered it)
Oliver was Mummy’s brother (Mummy was her real name) and Mummy was my friend, she was nine. I loved playing with her because she had all the toys. One day I went to Mummy’s place to play, I had found a new lovely recipe of tomatoes, lemon and salt and I wanted to show her (know the weird meals you discover when playing house?) I knocked at the door and found Oliver. He told me that Mummy was not around but I could wait for her because she was almost coming back. I did. I sat there innocently playing with my doll. I really don’t remember what happened after that, the memory is a bit vogue but the next thing I remember is suffocating on a body that was on top of me. I remember crying out loud and the boy swiftly getting off me when the door was knocked. I was crying over suffocation but I did not even know that something much worse than suffocation was taking place. I was an innocent victim of sexual harassment without even knowing what was happening.
I always had this image in my head but I did not know why, I always had this name in my head, Oliver, but I did not know why it haunted me until last year when I sat down to think about it and to recollect my thought. I did not know what was happening but then the body never forgets when it is disrespected.
I was three years old, my first kiss was a shameful one


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