Have you ever had a cancer scare? Not the type that you go for check up for one day and you are told that it’s nothing. The type that turns you into the doctor’s specimen for a couple of days only to end up in a theatre room that has good music (my favorite genres) with comedians for doctors. That was me, but any form of cancer scare is bad because you end up not knowing what to do. For me, my mind was full of ,”what ifs”

I’m very keen with my body and my health. One day when I was in the bathroom, I felt  a lump on my right breast. It felt like a small round ball that was not attached to my skin. I held my breath for a while, thoughts began to run through my mind and in my head I was screaming “Cancer!” but then another part of me said, “Oh stop!don’t be silly Daisy” . I called the woman who knew my body more than I did, my mother. Mother took me to hospital the following day, with the same paranoia but that night, I could not sleep.

The following day at the hospital, the doctor tried to ask my mother to leave the room because of patient confidentiality. I was for it but my mother spoke ahead of me saying,” We are friends, we tell each other everything” with that friendly, fake smile. I kept quiet, I stood there watching, timing, waiting for the doctor to say one more word so that my mother could hiss, “This is my child!I don’t care how old she is!”. At the end of it all I realized that I should have said something like,”It’s okay mum, I’ll be fine” before the doctor asked me, “So Daisy, are you sexually active?”

Anyway, after feeling the lump, he called another doctor to do the same. This made me worried especially with the conversations we were having as they ran the tests. They told me things like, ” you know that you can go for medication and become cancer free”( I give them zero on a scale of 1-10 when it comes to giving patients hope) They told me to go back the following day so that they could run some tests because they were not so sure about what it was.


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