I’m so into the plus size movement and all but something wrong happened in the middle it’s like someone told them that esteem is nudity and now most of these women spoiled everything and adopted the idea,”Hey I paused in a bikini so I’m confident that my body is beautiful, for the longest time petite to standard women have been able to do this” when I see this, I get so angry. Why?
img_20161128_103237-copyLittle Girl!!Do you think that we enjoy being objectified? do you think that it’s fun? Do you know why the bikini category was removed from Miss World?Is that even a reason to have a movement? How about the big girls out there who are young and want to live normal lives? Are you going to teach them the true definition of confidence which is being comfortable with who you are and in your own skin? Being comfortable with their work outfits, church outfits, uniforms and etc. or do you feel satisfied with telling them,”Girl, you are beautiful with your shape…if you just show more skin”  Sorry but I feel like many public figures are very dumb and selfish.


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