Dealing With Difficult People

You can never change a person by playing a game of guilt or showing them how sad you are. Some people simply don’t feel any of that and others…well, they will believe that they have seen your weak side and they use it to exploit you. You don’t know who amongst the mentioned, you are dealing with in this world so save the Wikipedia worth of memes and quotes to prove a point, save the hustle of pointing out what wrong they did and why you reacted if they did not get it at first. Difficult people, people who we refer to as assholes, only live in their own independent universe looking at reality from the lens of their consciousness. So it’s simple, do not beat yourself up. Work on the anger, be happy, cry if you must but don’t hold that bitterness inside you or waste your time demanding or following a “human” being around for an apology.

We are all grown-ups raised by religion or parents or the world. The most basic lesson we were taught is good and bad so don’t ever think that someone can’t see the bad they did. You see, if you asked them how they’d want to be treated, I’m sure the exact opposite of what they did would be on their list.

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