We don’t take photos to fake our lives or “pretend ” or “grab attention” let me educate you, photos are taken to capture a memorable moment in one’s life. And one’s memorable moment is none of your business

You know, I have had enough of this group that thinks that they deserve the Nobel Prize for posting photos looking rugged on social media or those who attack people for looking polished just because they show their rugged bums on Instagram. Your rugged ass will not change the world boo, it’s not bravery, pick a hobby that will positively impact the world and let people be.

So many times, on memes and Youtube, we see people saying,”These people are living fake lives, you see them smiling but they are depressed” Show us the real you ” but if you think of it, why do we take photos? To capture good times, for good memories. So I am not about to take pics of myself having a bad hair day or crying or in an accident(by the way it is just creepy to get into an accident then pull out a phone to take a photo)

Just imagine if you went to your grandmother’s house and opened her photo album only to find pictures of her crying or her taking up hard labor or her getting beaten up? How would you feel? If you go through her photo album, you’ll definitely find a photo of her in her Sunday dress looking lovely standing in front of a car or bicycle. Would you say that she was faking a life or would you say that she was trying to keep the memories of a lovely moment in her life?

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