Bancy walks into the house looking worried. Quincy is watching a football match.

Quincy: Hey Babe, you are back so soon from the salon.

Bancy: (Still looking worried) Yeah I decided to put on a different hairstyle.

Quincy knows that he must ask what’s wrong. If he doesn’t, she’ll start throwing subliminal memes on “some men” not paying attention to their women’s feeling as soon as she finds a socket to charge her phone. He decides to take it one step after the next.

Quincy: (Smiling) So, what hair is that?

Bancy: Oh it’s crochet, protective styling. By the way, I am going to cut my hair.

Quincy: OMG No Babe!!! Why would you? No! We are not cutting your hair!!!

Bancy: Because the salonist said that my hairline is gone.

Quincy: What will I hold on too!!!!!

Bancy: Negro, shut up, you brought us here in the first place😠😠😠😠😠.

Quincy is quiet and confused. He does not know what to say.

(Curtain Closes)


  1. If you was to make this into small docuseries for let’s say a movie thing I say people who love mumblecore as a genre would watch. Like that show ‘Easy’ on #Netflix.. I get the vibes


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