How funny is it when you go through Instagram to find your man kissing ass on comment boxes? Bancy would be going through her Instagram’s discovery page to see what’s interesting outside her follower’s list but today she has come to file a rape case. Quincy was allegedly taken against his consent by an “Instagram Bitch Who Does Not Mean Shit”

Consent(Noun): The act of voluntarily agreeing to the proposal or desires of another.

Bancy is walking to the police station, holding her boyfriend’s hand, walking ahead of him. She looks angry and determined to get there.

Police Woman: What brings you here today?

Bancy: I came to file a rape case.

(Quincy is stuttering )

Police Woman: Who was raped?

Bancy: My boyfriend, Quincy.

Quincy: I wasn’t raped!!!!!!

The policewoman is now confused.

Bancy: Negro! You said that you did not want to sleep with her? If you never gave consent then that was rape, right?

Quincy: Babe! Why are you acting this crazy!!!! You have lost it

Quincy is trying to put out the fire by displaying anger.

Police Woman: You two are wasting my time. Are you going to make a report or not!!!!

Bancy: Sorry ma’am, as I was saying, my boyfriend was “taken without consent” by this woman called “This Instagram bitch who doesn’t mean shit”. Apparently, she took him to dinner against his will and made him pay for it. She then forced him into the hotel room and forced him to pay for it. In fact, he forced him to drool over her Instagram photos so much that you could see saliva dripping from your end of the screen.

Police Woman: laughing

Quincy doesn’t know what to do. He knows that he can’t say that he voluntarily did it but he did not expect his woman to twist it like this. He thought he’d come out innocent and make Bancy take it out on the other girl instead.

Bancy: Negro, you either file a report because from what you were saying after I found out, it seems like you did it against your will… Or you can lose my number.

Bancy storms out of the police station leaving Quincy and the police station shook, watching her walk away.

Oh, Miss Bancy.

Art: Tim Okamura


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