People are so idle that they find pleasure in focusing on things that don’t really count. I don’t give a damn about light skin women and I surely don’t give a damn about being dark. I just don’t give a damn about any of that because I’m too busy being human. I believe that the world has bigger problems to solve. Trust me, as long as I am not going to get killed or beaten up for not paying attention or as long as I don’t wake up to governments saying that I’d be killed if I don’t bleach my skin or engage in this conversation, I won’t(unless a relative who I care about is involved) So, dark, light, fat or skinny, I got bigger problems to solve to stay alive

Many Africans and blacks do not love their own. They are good at taking what they think they deserve, from the white man, and running with it as their own. We might have fought through colonialism but our minds or psychological orientation did not survive that fight but we do not know it. We will only get past it and grow stronger if we accept it and change it.

We look down upon the original skin, the mother, because we still die to have a resemblance with the white man. While at it, we want to feel how it feels to be the superior ones but since we have no other race that’s perceived to be below us, we take it out on our own. Africans have more house helps than other races, even the lower classes would rather spend their little money getting a househelp. When you sit in a restaurant, a black man will complain and cause a scene to another black man as compared to a white man and even treat the waitress like shit and not leave a tip because “they paid for it” You want to take the Mona Lisa, a white cultural artifact and paint it black because you think you deserve it from the harsh treatment but we have so many artifacts and art to hold pride to, Earnie Barns and any artifact from Africa for example, but we think that other people’s things are better than ours. So back to what I was talking about…skin.

Discrimination made the black man feel like they are veryinferior. They fight it but we still have a lot of esteem to build. Since they cannot take it out on another race they bounce it back to themselves. They say that the white man taught them to hate themselves but they hate everything about another black man except themselves as indivuals. And now black men have perfected the art of attacking dark skin women. They meet you minding your own business and think that when they tell you,”I like your complexion” you’ll think that they are one of the few people who actually appreciate you and because of that, you’ll give them the honey pot but…some of us don’t really give a damn. Esteem and psychology. Then they portray the dark skin girl as aggressive so that the light girl feels like she should be easy and settle for anything because she doesn’t want to look aggressive too. So she will get abused thinking she has the power by “being cool and down” for the benefits of having a man. Benefits that you don’t get from a nan but you get by being human but there are people who do not believe in themselves enough to do it alone. Only to end up pale and used by 35. It’s not that dark African women don’t get old fast because of genes, it’s because they so-called “aggressive” nature is a bullshit filter so they don’t get chewed up easy in the name of seeking validation for a man for being “chilled and easy” We are too busy living. At the end the “aggressiveness” will be interpreted to a “strong black woman who can bring up well mannered children because of her strict” after the man is equally chewed up and is ready to be accepted for his newly acquired flaws. Pure manipulation of both parties for women to fight against each other, and to destroy themselves while at it.

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