These days people are so quick to sugar coat reckless behavior with feminism and sexual freedom all these rights and new age ideas. It’s not wrong but before practicing them get your priorities right:

1) Before asking the girl with body issues that she can finally put on a bikini or be nude like small girls do or glam her body up like other girls do, glam her mind and give her that confidence. Confidence or bravery is much more than fashion or nudity.

2) Before carrying plunk cards and running adverts for other people to accept gay and sexual fluidity, deal with the closer problem; using protection and addressing other related issues.

3) Before telling a girl that she can get empowered by being as reckless as the man sexually and true power comes from the so called “sexual freedom” There is no sexual freedom without sexual health. We run to advocate for the right to do freaky stuff before creating a safe zone.

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