God created man and gave him one solution to every problem…love. He said that love is the force that moves the stars. Love is the reason our sins were and are still forgiven. If you want to achieve anything, you must simply love what you are doing first.


Human beings have a flaw of taking what’s simple and calling it complicated in an effort to escape responsibility. Then they substitute it with something complicated that they barely understand…then call it “simple” because…well, it doesn’t come with much responsibility.


While they could just”love” and watch everything unfold from a known source, God. They want to

1)Vibrate and Channel energies from unknown sources as long as they see earthly results

2) Align with what they don’t know.

3) Heal using ways that they don’t understand.

But we must understand that we are just human. As much as we refuse to accept, Satan is a celestial being who is more powerful than a human being. If you base your life and settle on “unmighty” things as long as your stomach is filled and you can see earthly results, you won’t know the source of your so-called blessings.

For example, if it’s money, I bet the lowest ranking demon in hell can multiply that in a microsecond. But you will be all up yelling #blessed but where did those blessings come from? Same as anything else in this world that is man-made.

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