You know they had us messed up when they hypnotized us with the idea of “fuck society, focus on yourself”. Now the only thing a young person can do in this country, Kenya, is to have an individualistic, selfish dream and work hard towards it only to end up being an intern then spend the rest of their lives entertaining the older nation in the club as they celebrate their achievements. They will do this for small coins until the end of their youth. If they get lucky in the first step, they will easily fall victim to dangerous deals or the unjust section of the justice system and they will end up starting from square one. Because of a lack of knowledge that seems so trendy.

Nobody taught young people that for one to succeed, they must first possess a passion for changing the world or their surrounding. So we run around in circles saying fuck society, the society that has served as a foundation for economical, social and religious growth from Genesis.

We say that we don’t like following politics then have people who follow politics, steal from under out noses. We want to be considered in key positions but we have no idea what the driving force behind the country’s development is. There is a more complicated life outside the idea of going to a café with a laptop to ” work”. There is more to leadership than social media analytics and polls. No matter how famous you are, you reach a point in leadership where the fame doesn’t matter, you must get fold your sleeves and get dirty.

I came to understand that for you to succeed you need society, you need to know your rights and the laws that govern this country. You need to follow politics and know where your economy is going so that you don’t find yourself clueless when you are laid off or when your cash is not coming through.

I love the fact that my generation is so focused on “the grind” but you will be running around in circles like a headless chicken when you lack the strategy. You will be working hard, not smart, “grinding” but not earning. And guess what, strategy comes by when you consider factors whose base is society and the idea of community. You can only build yourself alone when you are a thief or something, maybe that’s why very many young people’s first dream is to become con artists.

If all these old people were to die of old age today, would you consider yourself competent enough to run a country for a week? All factors considered, except believing in yourself.

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