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Roses & Coins 

If there is someone who puts so much soul in a story…

Draft Copy of the Second Novel Written by Bob M

(Continuation of post titled the Subway Sandwich) I texted Fatuma Leah Cherono cause she had reminded me that I had promised to Mpesa her. I saw no obligation to especially after she stole from me and ransacked my house. But I asked to meet her on Friday. And on Friday I would use my NIC bank App to load her Mpesa crazy enough to get herself shoes and what not. Tell her it was transport to come to my place. Then hope she comes alone so that we could start something, I knew she was bad news. But beauty like Fatuma’s breaks even men who has a woman as beautiful as Betty Njoroge Mueni. My mistake was to entertain Fatuma in the first place. I should have deleted her number like that subway sandwich.
Looked at my wardrobe the moment I woke up. I left Nekesa Jane in the…

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